I was very impressed with this band and orchestra center. I went in to randomly buy reads for my clarinet (that I hadn’t played for 8 years) with my 7 year older daughter. We ended up staying for at least 20 minutes. I am very interested in signing my daughter up for violin lessons and the store clerk took the time to patiently explain the different sizes of their violins, the craft and care their violins were purchases with, and their rent to own process.

Incentives for paying cash up front but if you’re renting one size that your child quickly out grows, your monthly payments will simply transfer to payment for the next size up.

The store is small and sandwiched between Cheesy Janes and Half Price Books. Absolutely carried everything I needed. I imagine they’re packed before band events! They are also closely connected to area high schools, middle schools, and elementary school music programs and take into consideration preferences and resale values of desired brands, etc.

Enjoyed it a lot, loyal customer, for sure.

Heather H., Leon Valley, TX
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