In 2017, Alamo City Strings partnered with Hillje Music Centers, LLC. expanding its orchestral musician service to four locations!

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Alamo City Strings is San Antonio’s local music source specializing in stringed orchestra instruments.  We maintain a wide selection of violins, violas, cellos and basses to accommodate all skill-levels.

Our goal is to provide the ultimate in customer service as well as high quality music products. Our pricing policy and rental-purchase program is tailored to fit your budget.

We maintain a full service repair facility where fully trained personnel keep all instruments we rent or sell in perfect playing condition.  Our experienced technicians also provide major instrument repair.

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The Violin is a symbol of culture.  For centuries, musicians from around the world have enchanted audiences with the instrument’s captivating voice.  Although the violin is popularly respected, there are numerous “counterfeits” available on the market, which can fool and disappoint an unwary buyer.


While these may have the outward appearance of a violin, they lack the necessary characteristics of any “real” classical instrument.  There are in fact four essential elements required of the true string instrument, based upon the fundamental needs of the player and the function of the instrument.


TUNING EASE:  The violin should be relatively easy to tune and should retain its tuning under normal conditions.

PRACTICAL PLAYABILITY:  A proper instrument must be functional and comfortable.  It should not hurt to play. Neither the strings nor hardware should buzz.

TONAL QUALITY:  When played properly, a violin should produce the pleasant sound for which the instrument is known.  If it does not sound good, who would want to listen to or play it?

STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY:  An instrument grows with its player and should be constructed of substantial quality to properly serve the player’s musical aspirations over time.

A well-built instrument provides the student with opportunity to earn and own the pleasure and satisfaction of making music.

Special thanks to the Knilling Violin Co. for providing this information.
Used by permission


Take advantage of our two purchase programs Alamo City String – Orchestra Instruments: Violins, Cellos, Violas, Basses

1 Huge discounts for straight purchase of a violin, viola, cello, or bass should you determine your child’s interest is unlikely to diminish.

2 Our Buy-Back program to allow you to return the violin, viola, cello or bass within a designated time period should your child’s interest diminish

Regardless of whether you decide to Rent To Own or directly purchase one of our high quality stringed orchestra instrument, we appreciate you as a customer and are always searching for better ways to serve you.