Daily Discount Items from Hillje Music

Daily Discount Items

Daily discount items at Hillje Music Centers include the most popular guitar and band items.

daily discount guitar stringsGuitar Strings

Guitar and orchestra strings are always discounted at least 40% off retail. D’Addario, Elixer, Slinky, ProArte and more.



daily discount reedsReeds

Vandoren and Eastman clarinet and saxophone reeds are always 40% off retail.

Rico clarinet and saxophone reeds are always 30% off retail.

We even discount double reeds for oboe and bassoon!



Valve Oil daily discount valve oil

Al Cass valve oil and Bach mouthpieces are always discounted 30% at Hillje Music.



Drum Heads daily discount drum sticks

All drumsticks and mallets are always 30% off retail, and drum heads are always 50% off retail!