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  • Given Sales Promotion: 20% off most expensive item with the purchase of 3 or more items. Items Purchased: Strap $10, Amp $60, Cable $20, Guitar $100. What is the total sale amount?
  • Work orders must be logged in under the owner's name. If a band director brings in a school instrument for repair, under what name should the repair be logged?
  • The point of sale system (POS) is separate from the payment processing system (PPS). The PPS produces separate batch reports for credit card purchases and for check purchases. The POS includes checks with cash sales. At the end of each day, the PPS check batch amount must be deducted from the POS cash amount to determine the actual cash deposit amount. If the POS cash amount = 1000, the PPS credit card amount = 1880, and the PPS check amount = 20, what is the actual cash deposit amount?
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