Hillje Horn Showcase – 2017

Welcome to the Hillje Horn Showcase!

The Hillje Horn Showcase presents the largest selection of Step Up and Professional Level Woodwind and Brass Instruments in San Antonio on hand for you to try before you buy!







When and where is the Hillje Horn Showcase?

November 17 & 18

Hillje Music Centers – Northwoods – 281/1604


Who should attend?

Music students with advancing skills and a desire to improve.

Music students moving up to the next level – high school / college.

Music students whose teacher has recommended they are ready for a better instrument.

Why is this showcase a good idea?

As musicians develop advanced skills, high quality instruments provide a superior tone and sound quality, and often are easier to play well. Having the right tools makes a difference.

The largest selection of step-up and professional woodwind and brass instruments in San Antonio will be at this event.

Factory representatives will be on hand to demonstrate and explain features and benefits of every instrument.

Special pricing and financing is available at this two-day event.

Current rental customers of Hillje Music Centers can apply equity toward purchase of a step-up or professional instrument.

How do I get more information?