Brass Month is May at Hillje Music!

Brass Month is May at Hillje Music!

Brass month is for brass plabrass monthyers, and brass instruments are neat machines. Pistons and slides and springs and felts working together in smooth harmony support your musical voice! You will look and sound better with a clean, well-oiled machine.

Brass Service Station

Cleaning and maintaining your instrument is easy when you know the tricks. Daniel EstradaHillje Music is happy to invite all middle and high school brass players to Saturday Service Sessions during the month of May.

Each Saturday in May, we will have a “service station” set up at all locations for young brass players. Our in-house experts will oil valves, grease slides, inspect water keys, and rag polish your instrument at no charge.

Free Repair Estimates

We also provide free repair estimates for dented or non-working instruments. If your trumpet, trombone, euphonium or tuba needs more than a tune-up, our expert repair technicians will provide a free estimate for any additional repair.

While you are in the store, take 10% off all brass cleaning kits all month! Also check out our selection of mutes, gig bags, instrument stands, and other accessories.

Join us for a free “tune-up” during the brass month of May!