Monday Updates

String Showcase Set

The annual Alamo City Strings Showcase is set for December 8 and 9 at the main showroom.

Orchestra teachers and students will be invited to trade up their rentals and try out new instruments.

Please be sure to mention this event to every customer – especially those purchasing orchestra accessories!

More details on the way!

Step Up Instrument Display Signs

Artie at 02 has almost completed updating the Step Up Instrument display cases with “pitch tags”.

These clever little cards provide item number and pricing PLUS features you can use to educate your customer and make the sale!

Damaged Guitar – Unnecessary Hassle

The main showroom at 281 experienced an unfortunate incident in which an un-supervised customer damaged the finish of a new guitar by aggressively “demoing” the instrument.

The customer used a guitar pick to “peck” the strings / dent the top of the guitar. If they have not paid for the instrument, it still belongs to us. This is vandalism.

Our job is to sell stuff.

We sell stuff by;

1) greeting and engaging customers,

2) qualify their needs and purchasing status,

3) recommending products and solutions, and

4) asking for the sale.

***There is NO reason to “demo” a valuable instrument unsupervised.
Engage, qualify, recommend, and ask for the sale.
Our job is to sell stuff. We do not provide an unsupervised playground.

No Public Restroom

Please simply adopt the “no public restroom” response. We recently had another incident in which a non-customer asked to use the restroom and tried to “stash some stuff” which was to be later retrieved by another non-customer.
Just smile and say no.
You may be the one who has to clean up :).