Music Instrument Cases Need Love Too

Music Instrument Cases Need Love Too

Music instrument cases are very important in the lives of young musicians. I joined

soft blue clarinet case

ProTec Clarinet Case

beginning band in San Antonio many years ago. I was happy when my new band director informed me I tested well for trumpet.

Mom found a used Conn cornet in the newspaper classified ads. The case smelled like 1935. My protests paid off when she took me to the music store to see what we could find.

The new smell, crisp latches, and clean lining re-motivated this young musician, and I secured the new case with a promise to practice every day.

I still have my original 1935 Conn cornet in the case my mom bought.

pink clarinet case

ProTec Pink Clarinet Case

I love them both.


Replacement Instrument Cases

There are many replacement options for instrument cases. Soft cases are light weight, durable, and colorful. Hard cases offer better protection when instruments are subject to unpredictable conditions.

ProTec Green Clarinet Case

We have replacement cases in stock for ukelele, mandolin, banjo, guitar,

flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, violin, viola, cello, bass, and even snare drum!

Instrument Cases Repair

music instrument cases

Clarinet and Alto Sax Cases

Most instrument cases can be cleaned and repaired. Latches and hinges can be replaced, broken sides can be mended,

ProTec Purple Flute Case

and interior lining can be cleaned and re-glued.

Our expert repair shop always provides free estimates.