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Alamo City Strings has expanded to more locations!

Alamo City Strings adds four new locations!

Hillje Music Centers, LLC is proud to announce a new partnership with Alamo City Strings to provide improved orchestral expertise and service.Alamo City Strings

Orchestra Service and Expertise

Alamo City Strings has developed strong customer relationships through years of dedicated service and exceptional orchestral expertise. This merger streamlines business processes, while allowing our orchestra experts to do what they love – support orchestra education.

Orchestra Instrument Selection

Alamo City Strings has long been the San Antonio orchestra instrument specialists.  We maintain a wide selection of violins, violas, cellos and basses to accommodate all skill-levels. Our goal is to provide the ultimate in customer service and high quality music products.

Orchestra Sales, Rentals, and Repairs

Our pricing policy and rental-purchase program is tailored to fit your budget.  We maintain a full service repair facility where fully trained personnel keep all instruments we rent or sell in perfect playing condition.  Our experienced technicians also provide major instrument repair.

Convenient Locations

This expansion also provides additional convenient locations for San Antonio orchestra educators and students.

Stop in to any of our six locations for all your orchestral needs!

band instrument service company

Rent Online fast and easy for band and orchestra

Rent band and orchestra instruments online at Hillje Music Centers.

Rent online to avoid long lines and back to school stress. Our online rental service brings the store to you, and the rental process can be completed from your smart phone. rent online violin

Rent Online – Easy and Secure Process

Rent teacher approved band instruments and orchestra instruments through our secure online process.

Once you place your order, we will handle the details and call you when your instrument is ready for pick up – no more wasted trips to the store!

Rent Online – Personal Service

Each online rental is processed at our distribution center for free school delivery, or inrent online band instruments-store pick up.

Every online rental customer receives personal contact to assure accuracy and convenience.

Our instrument rentals page provides more information.

marching band

Marching band accessories make band life easier.

Marching band season is never far away.

Our marching band accessory packages provide helpful lists for marching band musicians.

It is never too soon to prepare for the joy of early morning drill and afternoon rehearsals, and then more drill and more rehearsals. Summer band provides experiences we remember for a lifetime.

Be the hero!

Having an extra bottle of valve oil, or extra reeds can make you the hero of the section when your band mates need a hand. Continue reading

Summer Band – Waking up early is fun!

While most children are still playing video games and waking up late every morning, band parents know their children are waking up early in August for Summer Band! I remember summer band marching technique training in the HOT Texas heat, drill downs, and impatiently waiting for the drum majors to yell, “AT EASE!” as sweat dripped down my nose. It is hard work, but it builds discipline and responsibility. Continue reading

band instrument rentals

Beat the back-to-school rush for band instrument rentals!

Hillje Music Centers has new and used band instrument rentals in stock at all locations. Instruments and accessories will fly off the shelves at the end of August in the back to school rush. Now is the time to beat the rush!

Our payment plans are 100% interest-free, and include our Liability, Damage and Replacement service. Return at any time with no long-term contract. We also offer layaway and significant discounts for outright purchase.

Band Rental Instruments Available Now

July is a great time to reserve the instrument your music student needs for beginning band. We have new and used, director-approved brands and models in stock now.



Alto Saxophones

Trumpets and Cornets

Trombones and Trigger Trombones

Percussion Kits,  Marimbas and Xylophones

IN STOCK NOW! Beat the back to school rush!

Books and Accessories

We also have all the director-recommended books and accessories required for woodwind, brass and percussion students.

Rent Online

Order and rent online for FREE SCHOOL DELIVERY.

daily discount

Daily Discount Items from Hillje Music

Daily Discount Items

Daily discount items at Hillje Music Centers include the most popular guitar and band items.

daily discount guitar stringsGuitar Strings

Guitar and orchestra strings are always discounted at least 40% off retail. D’Addario, Elixer, Slinky, ProArte and more.



daily discount reedsReeds

Vandoren and Eastman clarinet and saxophone reeds are always 40% off retail.

Rico clarinet and saxophone reeds are always 30% off retail.

We even discount double reeds for oboe and bassoon!



Valve Oil daily discount valve oil

Al Cass valve oil and Bach mouthpieces are always discounted 30% at Hillje Music.



Drum Heads daily discount drum sticks

All drumsticks and mallets are always 30% off retail, and drum heads are always 50% off retail!


ovation guitars available

Ovation Guitars are now in stock at Hillje Music Center!

Ovation Guitars are now in stock at Hillje Music Center!

Experience the world’s most innovative Ovation guitars for yourself. Stop by any of our locations today to get your hands on one of these instruments and see what all the hype is about!

History of Ovation Guitars

In 1862, Spanish luthier Antonio de Torres Jurado set out to prove the sound and tone of an acoustic guitar is largely dependent on the top. To accomplish this, he built a guitar with papier-mâché back and sides and a solid wood top. All the local musicians who tried the guitar remarked at the depth and clarity of its tone. Today, the instrument resides in the Museo de la Musica in Barcelona, Spain.

Founded in 1965, Ovation has paired this philosophy with decades of innovation to produce beautiful instruments with a remarkable sound. Chief among these are the trademark “parabolic” backs on Ovation guitars, which aid both acoustic and electric amplification, and their unique placement of multiple sound holes on stringed instruments.  The company was also a major pioneer at the dawn of the first electric-acoustic guitars.

Questions about Ovation Guitars?

Our staff of musicians is always here to assist you in finding the right make and model of instrument and all the right accessories to take your playing to the next level. Stop by any of our stores today or contact us to learn more!

Recycle your old guitar and bass strings at all locations!

Recycle your used guitar strings at any of our locations!

We are proud to help recycle all your old strings at every location.

New strings ALWAYS help you sound better! Hundreds recycle binof recycled strings were collected at our free restring events in April.

Look for the TerraCycle recycling program bins in our stores. Earn D’Addario Player’s Circle points every time you change strings.

We continue to recycle all old stringstring winders after every restring done in the store. Our staff can restring your instrument, or provide the tools you need to do it yourself. Please stop in and say hello.

Sponsored by D’Addario Strings

Did you know D’Addario is the top selling brand of strings for guitars, basses, and even orchestra instruments?

The D’Addario Foundation is a champion of music education and supports the transformative power of music in building better communities.

B.L. Gray Junior High

Band Instrument Rental Information for BL Gray Band Parents

Band Instrument Rental Information for BL Gray Band Parents

Thank you band parents for the opportunity to support your student. Beginning band students will need an instrument and the accessories necessary to be successful in band.

Gracias por la oportunidad de apoyar a su estudiante de la banda. Los estudiantes que comienzan la banda necesitarán un instrumento y los accesorios necesarios para tener éxito en la banda.

Please use the links below to find what you need.

Utilice los enlaces a continuación para encontrar lo que necesita.

Rent Flute / Alquilar Flauta

Buy Flute Accessories/ Comprar Accesorios para Flauta

Rent Clarinet / Alquilar Clarinete

Buy Clarinet Accessories / Comprar Accesorios para Clarinete

Rent Alto Sax / Alquilar Saxo Alto

Buy Sax Accessories / Comprar Accesorios para Saxo Alto

Rent Trumpet / Alquilar Trompeta

Buy Trumpet Accessories / Comprar Accesorios para Trompeta

Rent Trombone / Alquilar Trombón

Buy Trombone Accessories / Comprar Accesorios para Trombón

Rent Percussion / Alquilar Percusión

Buy Percussion Accessories / Comprar Accesorios para Percusión

Brass Month is May at Hillje Music!

Brass Month is May at Hillje Music!

Brass month is for brass plabrass monthyers, and brass instruments are neat machines. Pistons and slides and springs and felts working together in smooth harmony support your musical voice! You will look and sound better with a clean, well-oiled machine.

Brass Service Station

Cleaning and maintaining your instrument is easy when you know the tricks. Daniel EstradaHillje Music is happy to invite all middle and high school brass players to Saturday Service Sessions during the month of May.

Each Saturday in May, we will have a “service station” set up at all locations for young brass players. Our in-house experts will oil valves, grease slides, inspect water keys, and rag polish your instrument at no charge.

Free Repair Estimates

We also provide free repair estimates for dented or non-working instruments. If your trumpet, trombone, euphonium or tuba needs more than a tune-up, our expert repair technicians will provide a free estimate for any additional repair.

While you are in the store, take 10% off all brass cleaning kits all month! Also check out our selection of mutes, gig bags, instrument stands, and other accessories.

Join us for a free “tune-up” during the brass month of May!

Easter Music

Easter Music Baskets make kids happy.

Easter music baskets make kids happy.

Play and Learn with Music

We have a great selection of Hohner musical instruments designed for little hands. These colorful instruments help children learn and are fun to play!

Easter Music Baskets

Accordions, harmonics, shakers, hand drums, tambourines, keyboards, bring music home. Music changes lives in ways video games cannot. Come in and see for these quality instruments for yourself.

In stock at all locations.


Guitar Month at Hillje Music

Calling All Guitarists: April is Guitar Month at HMC

Calling All Guitarists: April is Guitar Month at Hillje Music Center and New Braunfels Music.

Guitar Re-String Events

We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with D’Addario for this year’s Playback events. Earn Players Circle Points and do good for the environment by bringing in your old guitar or bass strings to recycle.

In return, you’ll receive a FREE set of D’Addario’s awesome new NYXL or NB strings. Additionally, our expert luthier will be on site to offer FREE installation. Dates and locations are as follows:

Boerne location – Saturday, April 8 – 10 AM to 3 PM
Bandera  location – Saturday, April 15 – 10 AM to 3 PM
Northwoods location – Saturday, April 22 – 10 AM to 3 PM
New Braunfels location – Saturday, April 29 – 10 AM to 3 PM

We are proud to offer D’Addario’s quality products and expert knowledge to our customers, and look forward to future special events.

Be sure to LIKE US on Facebook for more exciting events.

Introducing the HMC/NBM Strings Loyalty Club Card

This is a big one! Beginning in April, stop by our nearest location to pick up your card and start earning points towards a FREE set of strings. Continue reading

Music Instrument Cases Need Love Too

Music Instrument Cases Need Love Too

Music instrument cases are very important in the lives of young musicians. I joined

soft blue clarinet case

ProTec Clarinet Case

beginning band in San Antonio many years ago. I was happy when my new band director informed me I tested well for trumpet.

Mom found a used Conn cornet in the newspaper classified ads. The case smelled like 1935. Continue reading

mariachi instruments

Mariachi Instruments from H. Jimenez in Stock

Mariachi Instruments

Mariachi instruments are available at Hillje Music Center! Fiesta is just around the corner, and now is a great time to stop by. Keep reading to learn more about H. Jimenez Mariachi Instruments.


Hilario “Layo” Jimenez designed these Tex-Mex beauties right here in Texas. Mr. Jimenez is a prominent instrument builder with border-town roots and over 30 years of experience. Check out Hilario’s story here. H. Jimenez is now partnered with Hohner, makers of quality instruments and accessories since 1857.  As a result, these instruments are sure to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment and reliability.

 About Us

Hillje Music Center is the best place to check out H Jimenez’s new lineup of bajo quintos, guitarrons and vihuelas. Additionally, we’ve got Hohner accordions and classical guitars to round out your mariachi instruments lineup. Our friendly staff of musicians is here to answer any questions. Furthermore, we offer layaway and flexible financing options to help you get the instrument of your dreams. Contact any of our locations to learn more, or stop by today to see one of these awesome instruments in person.


Great guitars and great deals during the month of March.

A great deal on great guitars!

We have great deal on these great guitars with prices too low to get the boss’s approval. These instruments are all new model year close out specials – Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jaguar Bass, Jazz Bass LH, Precision Bass. (Scroll the pictures with the arrows at ends of image.)

Contact Ozzy below and he will get it to the location nearest you!

Great Guitar Deal

    Check the ones that caught your eye!



guitar lessons san antonio, music lessons

Music Lessons make every life better!

Music Language

Music is a language with the power to change lives, and music lessons improve communication skills. Enjoying music comes naturally, but learning to play music requires commitment. Learning the musical language is easy, but mastering the physical skills required to play an instrument requires a regular lesson routine.

Music Life

Music lessons improve self control and the ability to cooperate with others. You will also be happier when you learn to play a musical instrument. A 90 day gym membership will improve your physical health, but a 90 day music education routine will improve your body, mind and spirit!

Music Lessons

Music changes lives for the better, and no one is upset when they’re dancing! To help you develop your ‘chops’, Hillje Music Centers, LLC offers a $100 discount on any in stock guitar when you purchase 12 guitar lessons. Here is more info about how to sign up.

We also offer a FREE LESSON during the month of March on the language of music! So make the world a better place. Make music!

Thank you for your interest. This program ended 3/16/17.


Hillje makes renting musical instruments in San Antonio simple

Web Store for music classes will help your band parents.

A web store for music classes will help your band parents find what their students need. You can build a school web store offering only those items specified on the director preference list – the right books, sticks, mallets, reeds, cleaning supplies, etc.

Parents can easily find the correct instrument and accessories for their students. Students start the first class with everything they need to be successful.

Music class web stores are available for Hillje Music VIP service route customers.

School web stores increase the reach of your band recruiting drives by bringing the store to the parent with online rentals and accurate supply lists.

How does a school web store help your program?

  1. No money to handle. Parents make secure online purchases.
  2. Convenient one-stop shopping. Correct merchandise is defined by band preference lists.
  3. Online instrument rentals.
  4. Free delivery through weekly route service.

More Information

Hillje Music Centers, LLC has supported Texas Music Education programs for more than 25 years.


Welcome to TMEA 2017!

Please stop by and visit with us at booth #449. We offer a place to sit and visit, rest your feet and enjoy some water or coffee. We are easy to find – look for our tall flags. 

See the Instrument Blowout List – (limited quantities, in-stock items only)

Introducing LuLu-Bells Screen Printing & Embroidery Service (need band shirts?)

Our Weekly Route Service offers; expert Instrument Repair, Band Drive support, and custom School Web Stores  (all free delivery)

Try the New Republic Alto Sax

Try the New Yamaha Practice Marimba


Hillje Music Centers, LLC has supported Texas Music Education for more than 25 years.

We’ve Decked the Halls – And some Gear too!

Tis the Season Bandera Decorations Boerne Decorations NBM Decorations Round Rock Decorations

The Yamaha Sound

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