Ovation Guitars are now in stock at Hillje Music Center!

Ovation Guitars are now in stock at Hillje Music Center!

Experience the world’s most innovative Ovation guitars for yourself. Stop by any of our locations today to get your hands on one of these instruments and see what all the hype is about!

History of Ovation Guitars

In 1862, Spanish luthier Antonio de Torres Jurado set out to prove the sound and tone of an acoustic guitar is largely dependent on the top. To accomplish this, he built a guitar with papier-mâché back and sides and a solid wood top. All the local musicians who tried the guitar remarked at the depth and clarity of its tone. Today, the instrument resides in the Museo de la Musica in Barcelona, Spain.

Founded in 1965, Ovation has paired this philosophy with decades of innovation to produce beautiful instruments with a remarkable sound. Chief among these are the trademark “parabolic” backs on Ovation guitars, which aid both acoustic and electric amplification, and their unique placement of multiple sound holes on stringed instruments.  The company was also a major pioneer at the dawn of the first electric-acoustic guitars.

Questions about Ovation Guitars?

Our staff of musicians is always here to assist you in finding the right make and model of instrument and all the right accessories to take your playing to the next level. Stop by any of our stores today or contact us to learn more!