Orchestra Instrument Rentals in San Antonio

Alamo City StringsAlamo City Strings ensures your orchestra student receives high quality instruments to enhance performance. Our expert orchestra services rental store staff will guide you through a wide selection of string instruments, and advise you about recommended accessories to best accompany your selected instrument.

We service customers of every music background from early beginners to the most experienced instrumentalists, and we are happy to lend our support whenever needed.

Our inventory of orchestra rental instruments include; bass, cello, viola, and violin. Prices vary depending on condition; new, like new, or pre-rented. All rental instruments include our liability, damage and replacement (LDR) service which covers maintenance and most repairs.

Orchestra instruments come is different sizes to fit the player. We will help you correctly match your student to the proper size, and up-size the instrument as your student grows.

Select your orchestra instrument below, or please call or visit our music rental store in San Antonio for assistance.

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