Recycle your old guitar and bass strings at all locations!

Recycle your used guitar strings at any of our locations!

We are proud to help recycle all your old strings at every location.

New strings ALWAYS help you sound better! Hundreds recycle binof recycled strings were collected at our free restring events in April.

Look for the TerraCycle recycling program bins in our stores. Earn D’Addario Player’s Circle points every time you change strings.

We continue to recycle all old stringstring winders after every restring done in the store. Our staff can restring your instrument, or provide the tools you need to do it yourself. Please stop in and say hello.

Sponsored by D’Addario Strings

Did you know D’Addario is the top selling brand of strings for guitars, basses, and even orchestra instruments?

The D’Addario Foundation is a champion of music education and supports the transformative power of music in building better communities.