Our Band Instrument Stores Provide School Music Rentals in the San Antonio Area

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You Benefit From Renting Band Instruments At Our Music Store

The music program at our music stores is designed with school music directors and instructors in mind. Through our rental program, directors and instructors have the ability to create a preferred list of instruments and supplies that students can easily access and order either online or directly from Hillje at one of our band instrument rental locations. This makes the entire rental process simple and efficient for parents and students of all skill levels, meaning more focus can be placed on what truly matters—fostering a skill that can last a lifetime!

We Stand Alone When It Comes To Band and School Instrument Rental

Though we have four music stores within the San Antonio area, we work with schools throughout the entire southern Texas region, making weekly visits to each. During these visits, a member of our band instrument service team:

  • Picks up and delivers any instruments that have undergone or require repair from our skilled team—did we mention student repairs, no matter how simple or complex, are free?
  • Hand-delivers any accessories you or students may have ordered online, such as reeds, strings, bows, and mouth pieces.

In addition to the convenience of these weekly visits, students and parents of the schools we work with can take advantage of numerous savings, which include:

  • Sizeable discounts on accessories and supplies, including a 40% discount on woodwind reeds and a 30% discount on valve oil.
  • The option to pay off rental fees ahead of time to receive a 30% discount off the remaining balance.
  • The director’s preferred mouthpiece, at NO additional cost to the student.
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Simplifying the School Band Rental Process

At Hillje Music Centers, we believe renting and caring for band and orchestra instruments should be an easy process. For many students, this is their first encounter with music education, and just like you, we want it to go well! That’s why we make the band instrument rental and repair process as efficient as possible.

Interested in working with Hillje? Request more information about our School Music Program or call (830) 755-2231 to discuss having us attend your school’s upcoming Band Night!