I was very impressed with this band and orchestra center. I went in to randomly buy reads for my clarinet (that I hadn’t played for 8 years) with my 7 year older daughter. We ended up staying for at least 20 minutes. I am very interested in signing my daughter up for violin lessons and the store clerk took the time to patiently explain the different sizes of their violins, the craft and care their violins were purchases with, and their rent to own process.

Incentives for paying cash up front but if you’re renting one size that your child quickly out grows, your monthly payments will simply transfer to payment for the next size up.

The store is small and sandwiched between Cheesy Janes and Half Price Books. Absolutely carried everything I needed. I imagine they’re packed before band events! They are also closely connected to area high schools, middle schools, and elementary school music programs and take into consideration preferences and resale values of desired brands, etc.

Enjoyed it a lot, loyal customer, for sure.

Heather H., Leon Valley, TX

I bought my first violin from this store when I was 11 1/2 , they picked out a cute little 3/4 Yamaha , and the payment plan was wonderful. So when I grew out of my 3/4’s violin I traded it in for a beautiful full sized Yamaha violin, and my violin gets wonderful compliments.

Now my beautiful violin is truly mine to keep forever. This store sells the best for reasonable prices. I am now 16 years old and going back to this wonderful store. If you are looking for your first instrument , you should go there.

Nika, San Antonio, TX

I will continue to tell people about Hillje Music and how much they support the SBMS and SVHS bands. I have seen the personal touch and the results!

Thank you again,


Thank you for the wonderful customer service that Hillje has always provided for my family over the last couple of years. The young men at the Bandera & 1604 location have always been extremely helpful.

Deborah, San Antonio, TX

Thank you so much for taking care of this, I will highly recommend your company to other parents and I have another child coming up next year to start band.

Lisa, China Spring

Thanks for your help selling my trumpet. I really appreciate your honesty and sincerity in the transaction. I will continue to recommend Hillje simply because of my dealings with you. People are often quick to complain but slow to compliment, so if no one has complimented you on your service before, let me be the first to do so! Thanks again!

G. Hill, San Antonio, TX

I went in to get a violin I got for really cheap tuned and have the bridge replaced. They were helpful and informative. I also purchased a book and rosin so they did not charge for the tuning or fixing the bridge. Very good customer service.

Tereas, Round Rock, TX